Detailed Mortgage Information Sheet

Saturday, November 26, 2022
15/30 Mortgage
215 3rd Ave
Kirkland, WA 98033
P: 800-970-1530
fax: 425-955-0500
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Loan Info
Loan Amount
Property Value
Loan to Value
Primary Residence
Property Type
Single Family
Fico Score
680 - 699
Monthly Payment $2,170.53
Loan Type 10 Year Fixed
Points -0.500%
APR 5.500%
Loan Fees
HUD #Loan FeesCost
802Loan discount points($1,000.00)
Total Loan Fees($1,000.00)
Lender Fees
HUD #Lender FeesCost
801Loan origination fee$0.00
805Lender's inspection fee$0.00
809Underwriting fee$0.00
810Administative fee$0.00
812Commitment fee$0.00
818Processing fee$0.00
819Courier/mailing fees$0.00
820Wire transfer fee$0.00
821Documentation preparation fee$0.00
Total Lender Fees$0.00
Third Party Fees
HUD #Third Party FeesCost
804Credit report$0.00
806Mortgage insurance application fee$0.00
807Assumption fee$0.00
808Tax service$0.00
822Flood certification$0.00
Total Third Party Fees$0.00
Title Company Fees
HUD #Title Company FeesCost
1101Settlement or closing fee$0.00
1102Title search fee$0.00
1103Title examination fee$0.00
1104Title insurance binder$0.00
1105Documentation preparation fee$0.00
1106Notary fees$0.00
1107Attorney's fees$0.00
1108Title insurance$0.00
1109Lender's coverage$0.00
1110Owner's coverage$0.00
1111Delivery/Courier service$0.00
1113Environment Endorsement Fee$0.00
Total Title Company Fees$0.00
Government Fees
HUD #Government FeesCost
1201Recording fees$0.00
1202County tax stamps$0.00
1203State tax stamps$0.00
1204City tax stamps$0.00
1205Intangible taxes$0.00
Total Government Fees$0.00
Lender Prepaid Items
HUD #Lender Prepaid ItemsCost
902Mortgage insurance$0.00
903Hazard insurance$0.00
Total Lender Prepaid Items$458.33
Loan Fees
Lender Fees
Third Party Fees
Title Company Fees
Government Fees
Lender Prepaid Items
Total Estimated Settlement Charges ($541.67)


Taxes, Insurance and MI payments and impounds are not included in this info sheet. Please apply online or call/email for a full Loan Estimate.

Disclaimer: Program availability subject to loan amount and credit approval. Until you lock your rate, APR and terms are subject to change, including rates, points, rebates and fees. Rates and APRs may vary depending on loan details, such as points, loan amount, loan-to-value, your credit, property type, and occupancy. ARM rates subject to increase or decrease during loan term. Rates and APRs for loans over 80% Loan To Value assume that an escrow account is set up for payment of property taxes, hazard insurance, mortgage insurance, and if applicable Flood Insurance. This is not an advertisement for credit as defined by paragraph 226.24 of Regulation Z. Mortgage rates change frequently, are subject to change until locked and not all borrowers will be eligible. Additional restrictions may apply. An investment property with commercial space, a high-rise condo, a property on leased land, Prior BK or Foreclosures are just a few examples of scenarios that the online quote does not account for, thus pricing may be different or programs and properties may be ineligible. Borrowers need to speak with our licensed mortgage professional to obtain the most accurate quote possible. As previously mentioned, posted rates do not constitute an offer to lend and are subject to change until locked. All loans are subject to credit approval prior to locking.